It’s been a wyld week this past week – backlash from the big storm energy that has been all around us.  This energy has stirred up things at a very deep level for many of us.  This is manifesting in a number of ways – for some there has been a releasement of density at the physical level showing up as illness – upper respiratory as well as intestinal cleansing.  For others it has been more emotional – super sensitivity and experiences of people being incredibly touchy and/or incredibly upset over seemingly minor issues –  totally blowing out of proportion a minor issue which is triggering a lot of old – really old patterns of behavior and previously unresolved anger, guilt or other denser emotions. As these emotions come up for releasement we are also clearing a lot of karmic and past life energetics too on a personal as well as a planetary level.  Two friends lost animal companions and I even had one friend who experienced a door falling on her this last week. 

When all this releasement of density is going on it can be challenging to stay clear and balanced.  So what can we each do to clear our own stuff easily and rapidly and at the same time not caught up in whatever is happening with the people around us?  The image that I keep “seeing” repeatedly is of this narrow path.  The narrow path is strikingly clear – it is illuminated with light, it is straight and it is free from obstruction.  On either side of the path there is a maelstrom of energies swirling and twisting with lots of flying debris all over the place.   It’s really easy to note when we have stepped off the path – we begin to get foggy in our thinking, we might start to feel very emotional, we may find ourselves caught in a power struggle, or we may end up in an accident or sick in bed.  Staying on the path requires discipline, awareness and some positive practices that are fairly simple to do but can be easily forgotten when caught up by the energies.

Here are some tips: 

1.  Take EXCELLENT care of your self. – Eat high vibrational foods, drink plenty of water, get more than your usual amount of sleep, spend time in nature, balance your work activities with rest and play, exercise.

2.  Spend time with POSITIVE people – surround yourself with people who lift your spirits, people who have a lot of positive things to say about themselves and about life in general, people who are succeeding and who are strong in their faith in themselves and in a benevolent Universe.  Connect with “your” peeps – the ones who make you feel most at home in your own skin – your Soul Brothers and Sisters.

3.  If you get stuck, caught up or dragged down ASK FOR HELP – you have an incredible team of guides, angels and spirit helpers on the other side who are ready, willing and able to assist you in getting back to clarity.  They may assist you directly or you may receive guidance to seek help from a healing practitioner.  Massage or Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Shamanic Healing work (Inka Medicine Work) or Sound Therapy, Spiritual Psychotherapy, and other energy healing modalities can be highly beneficial.  Sometimes it’s vital to have a guide or navigator who can “hold up the light” for you to see what you need to see in order to move through and move on. 

4.  Remember THIS TOO SHALL PASS and all is in Divine and Perfect Order for your highest growth.  Harvest the blessings – look for the lessons – give gratitude for the assistance and the awarenesses that are revealed. 

New SERVICE Now Being Offered – CLARITY COACHING!! Clarity is Divinity – using all the tools at my disposal I incorporate both Inka Medicine work, guided visualization and sound work to assist you in “moving through the muck”, “finding the gold” and “stepping back on to the narrow path”.    If you need a little extra boost to clear book a session today – done by phone to save on the environment, conserve fuel and to allow you to have a recorded copy of your session.  Now booking for mid-late September.   (I will be out of the office from Sept 1-5 for advanced training)