Yesterday was one of those magical days where everything was just perfectly balanced, fun, easy and financially lucrative!  One of the services that I offer is called Multidimensional Mentoring and often I’m questioned about what that means exactly.  My day yesterday is a really great example of what it means to be multidimensional – here’s a peek…..

Wake up at 7 to say goodbye to my son as he heads off to his first day of 8th Grade (my god how did we get here so soon?) – then off to the mat for some AM Stretch with Rodney Yee (morning yoga is a MUST).  Yoga is followed by a delicious breakfast of raisin toast and yogurt on the front porch in the sunshine.  Next up a nice hot shower and getting ready for my VERY FIRST MODELING GIG!!! How exciting – I was selected to model in a TV commercial!  (Last year after I closed my store and was flailing around trying to figure out what to do with my life I was guided by AA Michael to stop in to New England Models Group – I was signed on by the agency, had two different photographers do headshots, and now over a year later I have my first gig!! – Patience pays off!)  I had no idea what to expect but I showed up with hair and makeup done in my “wardrobe” of jeans and a white t-shirt.  There’s a GREAT pubic access TV studio in Manchester that is totally state of the art and anyone with a very little money can use it to make their own TV Show (MCAMTV23) – which is where the filming took place.  I went “on the set”, spent about 20 minutes pretending to drink this product, and boom I was all done – fun, easy, AND I GOT PAID FOR IT!!! THANKS GOD!!!

When I returned home to the office I worked on designing the cover for my new book which I’m writing with the Messenger Mini Book Adventure – let me tell you about that – I’m part of a group of 263 authors from around the world who have gathered together to write mini-books (3×5 books that are spiritually uplifting, inspirational, and new thought based material).  This program has been quite an adventure all right – I’ve actually got 3 books in progress myself.   Within 60 days all of us are writing, designing, and self-publishing our books through this very inexpensive and value intense program.  I’ve even signed on as a consultant to the Messenger Network – the first organization I’ve come across with a vision and a mission that I can believe in and support.  In fact I deposited my first check from The Messenger Network in the bank yesterday too!  More $$, easy & fun. More about the Messenger Network and Mini-books in another post – now back to yesterday. 

After book cover design I went on to design a poster for a Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Concert that I was booked for in October.  When I sent out the poster design I asked for a deposit from the lady who wanted to host.  She emailed back that she didn’t have the $ up front so she cancelled the concert – OK that’s fine – God will send something else for me to do that day and replace that $ I’m quite sure.  Then it was out to the front porch again for some more late summer sun and a salad of fresh field greens, red delicious apple, gorgonzola cheese, blueberries and glazed pecans – YUM!

By this time it’s about 2:30ish and the boy will be home from school shortly so I catch up on phone calls, emails and miscellaneous sorting & filing of mail and papers.  At 3 the boy rolls in with his buddy – they are full of life and bubbling over with excitement to share their first day of school.  Work stops, mom steps in!  “Do you boys want a snack?” …… “YES can we go to Brusters?”  So off we go to Brusters for a 1st Day Back At School Ice Cream Treat – which turns into corn dogs for the boys and a blueberry cobbler kiddie cone for me (total junk food I know but it doesn’t happen that often and an occasional splurge hasn’t killed anyone yet that I know of!).  Along the way to and from I make deposits at the bank and mail out 2 CD’s – Did I tell you I’ve recorded a CD? Yup I’m officially a recording artist now too…. Divine Union – A Crystal Singing Bowl Healing Journey – Buy it online at my site –  you can listen to a few sound samples HERE  – the title track is playing on the page when you open it. 

After we get done with our After School Ice Cream Adventure – I officially turn into the House Technogeek.  I just bought a new computer – a week and a half ago – I love it – it’s an HP TouchSmart – I’m in the process – slowly but surely – making steady progress – of moving everything over from my old computer and weaning myself from that.  Discovered on Sunday night though that my new system’s CD drive isn’t working any more – making a HORRIBLE Grinding noise – so I called HP on Monday and had a new CD DRIVE in my hot little hands courtesy of FEDEX by late afternoon yesterday – so the hubby and I get out a blanket, sit on the floor of the healing room and practice technology surgery and Drive replacement on my brand new computer. 

We finish this little exercise by about 4:45 and then I spend some more time working on both computers until about 6 when it’s time to pack the car up.  See I’m also a published author and I’ve got a gig at Borders to talk about, sell and sign my book!  Celestial Voices – An Invitation to Ascension from the Archangels – now available in print and as an e-book – Click HERE for more info on that.  There was a lovely gathering at the Metaphysical Mix hosted by Dan and Pam Sayre – two wonderful folks who have been bringing together a group of metaphysically minded folks at Borders for at least the last five or six years to share information, stories, meditations, new work and more.  Check it out on the last Tuesday of the month.  Dress up for the Tuesday before Halloween!  Back to the meeting – I brought two of my original vibrational power paintings (see them all here) Archangel Raguel & Archangel Sandelphon to the event – both of whom are featured along with 13 other Archangels in the book.  I read a segment from each of these Archangels and then brought through a spontaneous channelled message from AA Michael (Did I mention I’m a channel too? Info about Channeled readings from the Archangels can be found at my Answers From Your Angels Site HERE ).  The messages were very powerful and a lot of healing happened in the circle for several people who were in attendance. I sold two books, distributed flyers for my upcoming Munay-Ki Workshop , talked with one person about booking a healing session, Oh and by the way – remember that concert that got cancelled earlier in the day?  Well of course Spirit delivered another opportunity before the day was over – I was invited to participate in a Psychic Fair to be held in Westford on October 4 – the same day that concert was scheduled for – THXGOD!!  I finished up at 9 and headed home.

Arrived at home to put the Mom hat back on – signed all the first day of school forms and papers, reviewed the homework assignments, went upstairs to do the before bed reading (we’re almost finished with The Alchemyst Secrets of the Immortal Nicolas Flamel) a snuggle and a tuck in – he’s almost 13 but still loves his night time routine – as do I!  After lights out I came down for a snuggle with my husband who was just finishing up a movie and then off to bed for us too.

More about multidimensionality in a later post – you see when you are multidimensional it’s not just about all that you are doing and being on the physical plane – there are multiple dimensions upon which we multi’s work – so when the lights go out – off we go to the astral plane for work in the other realms…….