I’ve been blessed this summer to spend a few of the unrainy days that we were gifted with sitting in the sun with my favorite Faerie of Fun (the FOF) Darla Pina – (www.omenterprisessolutions.com) who is not only a great yoga instructor but is also filled to overflowing with some wonderful words of wisdom that she readily shares with both her students and her friends.  We’ve had a lot of fun “jugeing” (pronounced JOOOJING) with our favorite Doreen Virtue Angel or Fairy card decks, sitting in the sun, enjoying nature, and this past Sunday we were treated to a little bit of Shakespeare in the park.  A few weeks ago we had a visit from a pair of mating moths – check out the short video!  Sometimes the most nurturing thing we can do for ourselves is to spend some quality time with a friend!

If you have a friend or maybe a group of friends that you’d like to get together with – a fun thing to do is to get a reading – I use Doreen’s decks as an exclamation point for my crystal readings!  Check out my reading site here.  Get some Answers From Your Angels today!  Be sure to sign up for my free thirty day email series on the site.   Oh and if you have a large group or party and you’d like some readers – my friend the FOF and I (the Empress of Excitement) along with Angie D’Anjou the Angel of Abundance, are available for bookings.  We had a great time this summer with Organic Chef Kim Bolognese whose Midsummer Night’s Dream party was a magical evening for everyone – us readers included!