Having just navigated a pretty powerful energy storm it’s important to share that after every storm there is bound to be a clean-up period.  Depending on the intensity of the storm energy in your own life the clean up can be fairly easy or alternatively it can be pretty daunting.  

Know and understand that this clean up is a natural part of the process that is unfolding right now for everyone.  How you navigate it is up to you.  Energetic clean up is pretty similar to any other kind of clean up – it takes some time and effort on your part.  First you must notice – be aware – of what the storm stirred up for you.  Awareness is always the very first step.  During this storm did an old familiar pattern of behavior surface once again?  Did you experience some emotional upheaval?  How about physical changes/responses?

As you bring your awareness to what the energy storm stirred up you shine a brilliant light upon it which allows you to truly “see” what you can do to clear things up.  Now is the time – the opportunity to really clear this “energetic” stuff that has surfaced.  One of the ways that we can clear is to focus on each of the seven chakras.  

The seven chakras are the energy centers of our luminous body where the universal energy is transformed for our individual use and support.  When trauma of any sort in any lifetime has been experienced, “wounds”, “rips”, “tears” and “leaks” can show up in the energy field and more specifically in the chakras. 

Energy storms will naturally bring these wounds to the surface.  This is a great time to focus, to pause and to use your intent to cleanse, clear and heal these wounds.  Many exercises and modalities are available to catalyze and assist with this healing.  Sound therapy is one wonderful modality to connect with because sound/energy/vibration are all intimately interrelated.   The beauty of sound healing is that it’s something that you can do all by yourself just using the sound of your own voice.  Shamanic healing is another modality that can be highly beneficial.  Sometimes it’s really helpful to have a “guide” on the journey who can ask the right questions, or can “see” & guide you to bring your attention to those areas that you might be unclear on.

Know that this time of clean up is incredibly important and honor it.  Even though you may feel charged up by the energy that has arrived and chomping at the bit to move forward, moving forward with clarity, from a healed state of being, will allow you to create much more clearly, easily and rapidly.  So take the time, allow yourself to explore, delve into the muck, slog through and find the gifts that have been revealed in the aftermath of this energy storm!


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