I thought that this morning I would share an article that I wrote for NH Mirror at the beginning of this year – even though it speaks to the beginning of a new year – I think that this pregnant pause right before school starts and the summer ends is also a time of similar energy.  With only one week left of summer vacation here in NH it’s a good time to reflect on the accomplishments of the summer, to savor those last few sacred days with no fixed schedule and to nurture what has grown inside you during this magical growing season.  I think it provides a nice contrast too, to contemplate snowy “stuck indoors” days while still in the heat of summer!  Enjoy…….     

Catch the Moment!

Catch the Moment



Endings & Beginnings & the Sacred Space Between


This time of year is a great time to reflect- a time to go inward, a time to re-evaluate all of our choices and to re-charge our batteries.  The long nights and short days encourage us to catch up on sleep, to hibernate a little.  Snow days give us a chance to hunker down and bond with our family over hot cocoa and warm fresh baked cookies.  We like to have pj days when we never leave the house, sometimes we’ll just all snuggle on the couch with the fire place roaring and watch movie after movie for the whole day!   


This is the time of saying good bye to the old year and hello to the void – that place of creative potential that lies dormant within us until we take a moment, sometimes only a breath, to connect with the untapped reservoir of our source.  Be OK with spending time in the void.  Sometimes our deepest fear is to be in this place of silence, of stillness, the place of the unborn, the un-manifest.  Here is where true power lies.  This is the place that fuels, that feeds, that sources all that we desire.  Why not take some time to get acquainted with this stillness?  Go into your own dream cave like Mother Bear.  The dream cave in our brains is that place in the center where both halves meet, the pituitary gland, the place where our dream visions are born, the place where our imagination lies and where we are fired up by spirit, where we become inspired!


Rest, take time to dream, rewire your brain, allow yourself to sink down to your core essence, to align with your natural rhythms.  Answer the call of your body, your own internal clock, connecting deeply with Nature and the Mother Earth.  Go dormant for a while.  Put aside that big to do list, fund your energy reserves for the time when action is called for.  Stop, breathe deep, just be. 

This is sacred space, holy space, a place of healing and divine intervention and only you can carve it out of your busy day, only you can create it for yourself.  This is the place between the breaths, between the in-breath and the out-breath, the pregnant pause, the edge where life ends and begins again in every moment.  Take a breath today and give thanks for the ability to choose, to be conscious and to take responsibility for your own wellbeing and peaceful existence.  Life is good, enjoy every moment, even those that seem uneventful.  What’s happening under the soil of your being is a magical quickening that will blossom in ways that will surprise and delight you.


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