Elemental Wisdom Necklace

Elemental Wisdom Necklace

Wow- I had forgotten how wonderful it is to go to the bead shows.  It’s been over two years (I can’t even believe it’s been that long) since I last went on a bead buying frenzy.  It’s interesting because it speaks to how I flow creatively – a huge rush of creativity overcomes me – I go crazy buying supplies and creating in a surge of energy and then the urge suddenly goes dormant.  Then all of a sudden (2 years later!!) I get bitten by the “bug” again.

So just about 3 weeks ago I went with a friend to the International Gem & Mineral show and came back with some magical new beads and re-connected with my jewelry making again.  During my website revamp I decided that I was not going to create a “jewelry store” component, instead I’ve decided to only create on a custom order basis and so Spirit Essence Jewelry was born. 

When I make a piece of this beautiful jewelry I connect with the Essence of your Spirit and with your spiritual guides, angels and “upstairs” team to create a piece that energetically supports you where you are in your present journey.

The visit to both the July bead show and the East Coast Gem show this past weekend was really wonderful and brought to me some interesting “new” minerals that I haven’t worked with before.  Whenever something new shows up in my life – not too long afterwards someone comes in for whom that crystal or mineral is perfectly suited.

I’ve already had a number of custom orders from folks for Spirit Essence Jewelry and have received some outstanding feedback from the energetic experiences that have occured as a result of working with these pieces.   I’ve had – of course – made a few new pieces for myself as well.  One is pictured here (I know the picture quality/lighting is lousy!) – this is my latest personal piece – I call it my Elemental Wisdom piece.  It’s made of Fire Agate, Blue Coral, Lava and Black Tourmaline – I feel like it combines all of the elements – earth, wind, water and fire.  My sense is that for me this piece is both purifying, protective and unifying.  I feel very grounded and strong and light wearing it!

If you feel that you could use some energetic support, enjoy working with and wearing crystals and might be interested in adding a piece of sacred jewelry to your personal collection please check out the Jewelry page of my site at www.amethystwyldfyre.com/jewelry.html  I think you’ll find these pieces to be both affordable and deeply supportive of your personal evolutionary process!  Suitable as amulets for men as well as women – many of my brothers in light have been grateful for the energetic support and for the fashion statement that they make while wearing power jewelry!