So how do these energy storms come about?  Just like with the weather – when a high and a low come together boom there’s the thunder, the lightning, the wind and rain!  Energetically we have arrived at a gateway or portal where enormous amounts of highly vibrating energy is pouring into, around, over and through our planetary matrix.  This high vibrational energy bumping up against the lower vibrational energies is combining to create the storm energy and it’s really shaking some things up for everyone.

If you’ve been feeling extremely sensitive lately this is not unusual, again just like you can smell, taste or feel it in the air right before a big thunderstorm, the same thing is happening with this energy storm.   Of course what is also happening is a lot of old, dead, stuck, heavy energy is being vibrated by the high energy influx.  As this happens we tend to experience a lot of chaotic shifts.  The work is to remain grounded, centered, balanced and clear.  To be the EYE of the storm so to speak.  This is the place of pure power, direction, and focus. 

You may notice that all around you there are people who are moving through all kinds of emotion stuff right now.  This particular energy storm is heavily focused on the emotional clearing of the light bodies.  Old patterns that you thought had been cleared are now up for review and for a thorough cleansing of any residual particles in the electromagnetic field that are disharmonious. 

Some of the physical ramifications for those that are deep in the throes of the cleansing might be experiencing some weight gain, water retention, crying for “no” reason,  sudden shifts in the emotions from calm one minute to highly charged the next.  There is also alot of shifting happening in relationships, business circumstances, careers and finances.  How these storms are navigated is entirely up to you!

storm energyWhen you find yourself engaging in the storm energy you will become unclear, lose focus and stop taking care of yourself and your needs.  You may find yourself “sucked” in and exhausted.  Awareness of where you are at in any given moment is THE KEY to being able to make changes that will support your further growth and will minimize the fallout from the storm. 

As creators we have the power to visualize, navigate and manifest an easy or a more challenging ride through these energies.  I recommend taking time outs on a regular basis, creating sacred space, getting clear on what it is that you WANT in your life and world, setting the intention, setting clear boundaries, speaking your truth and asking for what you WANT, recognizing when it shows up and celebrating or recognizing when it is not showing up and courageously making the decision to hold those boundaries or exit. 

Fundamentally for us as humans, the area where all these energies and experiences play out is in  our relationships.  So look around, see what you have going on in all your relationships, ruthlessly hone your own spirit, decide what you want, ask for it and be willing & open to Spriit delivering in whatever form that takes. 

Again I must reiterate that EXTREME self care is UP right now for all who will connect with this message.  The intake of plenty of water, whole, nutritious foods, fresh air and exercise is strongly recommended as you ready yourselves, or begin stepping into the work of assisting those who are coming to you for assistance with their awakening process in the coming weeks and months.   Remember to hold each being in a place of compassion and realize that you have had the luxury of awakening “earlier”, which of course gave you much more time to heal and integrate the new energies.  The closer we get to the 2012 the more rapidly awakenings will occur and those who experience what could be termed a “rude” awakening will have much less “clock” time to catalyze healing and integrate activations and attunements.  Remember though that all is well in the Divine Plan and that each of these souls contracted for this exact timing for their processes.  Just as you contracted to be there to “midwife” them through the process. 

Remember to wear your galoshes, carry your umbrella, batten down the hatches, and breathe, breathe, breathe.  The fresh landscape that you will be looking at after the storms have passed will be wonderous indeed.  If you would like a personal reading for this transitionary time, please visit our services page or simply e-mail me.

Love and much light,

Amethyst Wyldfyre – The Violet Flame Visionary Vibe Report

(Original Acrylic Painting – After The Storm by Amethyst Wyldfyre)