Greetings Dear Ones!

It’s been requested that I speak to the energies of the present moment and so I’ve decided to create this little report to help you all stay in touch with what’s going on for us on a planetary as well as a personal level.

Stormy weather has been the norm for the last several weeks – both internally as well as externally.  I felt it coming for several weeks in late June and early July immediatly following the Solstice.  The messages I kept receiving from all corners was stay in the center, be the eye of the storm that is about to be unleashed. 

My personal work has been to really spend a lot of time contemplating balance and setting boundaries as I speak my truth in each moment.  Maintaining my center and knowing when to retreat and engage in extreme self-care the moment I have felt even the slightest bit OOB (out of balance 🙂  Lot’s of nice salt baths, meditation, time out in nature, walking of the dog, and keeping silence has been the regimen for at least the last six – eight weeks.  This has served me well leading up to the 8-8-8.   I could feel the surging of the energies all around me and have become incredibly highly sensitized as have a number of others who I have been sharing my thoughts and feelings with. 

So here we are – we have entered the gateway but we’re not through the portal quite yet.  So what is the work as we navigate this portal?  Extreme self care, extreme!!  Really taking all the time that we need to make sure that we are well hydrated (DRINK LOTS OF WATER), that we are well nourished (EAT A LOT OF PLANT BASED PROTEIN – Quinoa is especially useful right now, a super food that will support you and is easily digestible), that we are well rested (SLEEP WHEN YOU NEED IT – EVEN IF IT’S SEVERAL NAPS THROUGHOUT THE DAY) and that we are gentle with ourselves and with those around us – chosing silence until we are clear and unemotional about what it is we wish to communicate.

When we have the call to communicate – deep breathing, journaling to sort out our own stuff from what we are perceiving, and getting really, incredibly clear on what it is that we want to get across and to manifest in our lives and relationships.  Speaking the truth is where it’s at at the moment.  So unless you are really clear on what your truth is choosing silence is a good option.

The storms are here to cleanse us at the most profound levels, combining all the elements of fire, water, wind and earth.  We are being cleared and readied down to the DNA and we are having a re-wiring of our essential codes on a global scale right now.  Be READY – those who are awakened and living in their true essence in each moment – you are about to be called upon by the masses who are going to be activated into their awakening in the next several months.   Messengers, Healers, Activators, Attuners, Harmonizers, Catalysts, Space Holders, Body Workers, you KNOW who you are!  Your time to serve is at hand and your personal well being is a magnet for all those who are ready now to release, release, release all the old thought forms, behaviors, habits and patterns that are not in alignment with the New Earth Vibratory pattern that is crystalizing now.  If nothing else – I hope that you are receiving the message that self care is priority!

Be open to receive.  Be ready to serve. Be the lights, the beacons that you are.  Be well and be at peace.

With love and immense light,

Amethyst Wyldfyre