Just a quick note here to let everyone know that Wendy from Gardenplum.com is the absolute best!  She’s taken my web presence to whole new levels.  If you are looking for someone who can really connect with the essence of who you are and what your message is – especially if you are a multi-dimensional being like myself with stuff going on in a number of different areas then Wendy is the go to girl for you!  Check out the work that she’s done on my newly upgraded and magnificently beautiful website www.amethystwyldfyre.com and if you like maybe you might want to purchase my new CD Divine Union – like the cover design??? Thanks to Wendy it came out really great – she was able to take my original thoughts and translate them into something that really Popped! 

By the way – thanks to Susan Laughlin at NH Magazine for her fabulous photography which was the starting point for this project.  Want to connect with Wendy?  GardenPlum.comwww.gardenplum.com – while you are there – you might want to do some quick shopping for your self or for someone you love!  Tell her I sent you….