I just received a question from someone who was listening during my guest appearance last night on News For the Soul – Here is her question and my answer for anyone who’s interested in my take on the 8-8-8 arriving on Friday!


I heard you on a show from Blog Talk and I really liked your energy and what you were speaking of. My mom actually is the one who told me about the show and she says that on your site somewhere she found the significance of 8-8-8 and now we can’t find it. I’m getting married on that day so I was interested to hear what your take is on it and any other information you may have to give me 🙂 I appreciate your light and your work you are doing and look forward to following your journey.  Thank you for your time. “

Hi Tiffany!

Thanks for your friend request and your question – glad you enjoyed last night’s show – I love doing that show with Nicole – she’s quite a light worker!

So about 8-8-8 – First of all CONGRATULATIONS on your wedding – what an amazingly auspicious day that you selected. Not only is 888 a number that signifies that all that is good is coming to you now and will continue to return to you in infinite loops but this particular date – this year is a significant gate way energetically that is opening for all of us to step into our highest nature. To bring through the radiant light that we are and have the potential to be.

This date is not only about dreaming the new earth into being but really it’s about stepping into and fully embodying that dream in every way. I’m sure your wedding will be a blessed opportunity for you to celebrate all the best in yourself and your chosen life path partner. Many, many blessings to you and yours as you step into your destiny path and move through this gateway into a whole new realm of reality, dreamed and created especially for you by you!

I believe this answer really applies in many ways to all of us — so be conscious, keep your vibration up, stay in the positive and get ready to step into a wonderous new world that we are collectively dreaming into being.

See you on the other side of the gate!

~ Amethyst

p.s. If you would like to learn more about what 8-8-8 means for you, visit my web site to read more about readings that I offer.